Curb Appeal Ideas That Are Sure to Sell Your Home in California

If you’re struggling to snag potential buyers, keep reading for our best curb appeal ideas. Number three may surprise you.

Make Your Front Yard Look Great

Nothing turns away buyers faster than a bare yard. As many California residents know, this can be tricky in the summertime. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect California curb appeal at any time of year. You can either keep your front yard and exterior the same color or try several different schemes. An alternative to a boring yard is statement plants, such as purple bougainvillea, yellow lantana, or orange viburnum. These plants will add a bit of life to the front yard. There are plenty of other beautiful options available, too, including trees and shrubs, so you can create a curb appeal that is as unique as your home.

Improving Your Front Porch

Here are our best curb appeal ideas for improving your front porch:

  • Consider adding some pretty glass jars or planters – This trick can add appeal to any porch. It instantly brings it to life and sets the stage for curb appeal. 
  • Invest in some lighting – Creating an outdoor area will always help light up your house’s exterior, so invest in some cute outdoor lights to create that welcoming, inviting look.
  • Create a space for seating – Take a look around your home and find an area you don’t currently use that would work well for outdoor seating. Just be sure you don’t make it too crowded. 
  • Add new greenery – Adding greenery will bring the curb appeal up a notch and help reduce your stress when you’re looking to sell your home. 
  • Outfit your front door – This is your most prominent feature and should be dressed to impress.

Decorate with Color

Color adds dimension to your home and makes it more visually interesting. Our best tips for adding color to your home include: 

  • Instead of using concrete or stone, give your front step a warm, inviting patina by painting it. 
  • Add colorful welcome mats. If you don’t have enough to cover the whole step, choose a design that will appear inviting. 
  • Instead of an arrangement of flowers, string small, colorful flags.
  • Hang flower garlands.
  • Add long, brightly-colored curtains that will let the sunlight stream in. 
  • Rather than planting one huge hedge, cut down several small, dense trees and let them grow together. The effect is whimsical and asymmetrical. 
  • Incorporate bright, reflective accents into the house. 
  • Replace rusty brass fixtures with sleek, sparkling options.

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