What Are the Steps for Selling Your Home to a Cash Home Buyer?

While you may be familiar with the process of selling your home, if you have never worked with a cash home-buying company, you may not know much about the process. It moves much faster and cuts out many of the complicated parts of selling a home that can cause a headache for you.

Fill Out Information

When working with a cash home buyer, the process is a little different than with a traditional buyer. To work with a cash home buyer, you start by filling out information on their website about your home. They take this information and use it to evaluate the condition of your home, the current market value, and the overall worth of your property. This information is used to put together an offer for your home that is returned to you for your consideration. This process can be completed as quickly as within seven days. This replaces the entire listing process that comes with selling your home in a more traditional fashion.

Accept the Offer

Once you have received the offer from the cash home-buying company, the next step is to decide whether or not to accept the offer. In a traditional real estate transaction, you receive an offer and then are able to negotiate it. With a cash home-buying company, there is no negotiation involved in accepting the offer. You either take it or leave it. The offer is made based on the value of your home and the amount of money it will take the company to get it ready to be sold. Because the company is looking to flip your home, you can trust that they aren’t taking advantage of you in this process. Instructions for accepting the offer and the time frame required for your response should be included in the offer that you receive.


Once you have accepted the offer, the only thing left to do is finish closing on the sale of your home. In the traditional closing process, you would have to go through inspections, rounds of negotiation, tons of paperwork, and waiting for the buyer’s financing to be finalized. With a cash home-buying company, you simply have to sign the home title over to the company and walk away with the money. This is much simpler and much easier than the closing process normally is, and it moves much faster.

Understanding the process allows you to be better prepared and to have a better experience with selling your home. If you have questions, there is always someone at the company that you can reach out to understand more about the process and to educate yourself more fully.

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